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Digital Photography and Photo Retouching

Don’t you just hate it when you get photo-bombed by a stranger? 
And when that picture could have been just perfect if not for that sneaky zit?
Well now you don’t have to settle for dreaming of perfection, you can achieve it… virtually!
Our photo retouching is affordable (think of college students sending in their Spring Break
vacation pictures for cellulite and tan line fixes) and has a quick turn around.
This is the best way to have your least favorite picture turned into your new favorite,
sometimes in a matter of hours.
We use professional software to perform either an easy correction to maintain a natural effect
or go a step further (just for fun) to achieve closer to model-status. Don't believe it? Send us
an image of yourself (or of a loved one) that has always bothered you and we'll send you a proof
to make sure you're 100% happy with our photo retouching before committing to us as your go-to.
*keep in mind these are just thumbnails, so they are cropped- be sure to click to see full images

Photo Editing and Other Digital Manipulations/Enhancements:

Autumn Engagement Photo Shoot in the Woods:

Projects and Studies from Travels Abroad:

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