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Testimonial: Happy ArtByAdina Client
Testimonial: Happy ArtByAdina Client
Testimonial: Happy ArtByAdina Client
Testimonial: Happy ArtByAdina Client
Testimonial: Happy ArtByAdina Client
Testimonial: Happy ArtByAdina Client

For this reason,  I am passionate about anything creative, from concept to final production, and every bit of the process in between.


Specialties and creative services include:




With mixed degrees in Fine Arts, Design, and Digital Media, along with experience in marketing/advertising and even “painting” with the written word (copywriting), we are naturally enthralled with the thought that when art and entertainment (or virtually any industry category) are melded together in a certain way, the final piece holds the power to pique a person’s desire. To convey a message or instill a feeling. It is the notion that we can create something that has the ability to grab the attention of an individual (or in this case, client) and ultimately awe or inspire a mass audience (consumers, or, our clients' customers) to want or to act.


The theory of “practical art” was born when our founder, Adina, was told by a girl back in high school that she, too, would like to be an artist, but that her parents told her to do something else because it just wasn’t “practical.” Sadly, the daughter agreed with them. Since then, we have been striving to show the world just how practical “art” can be. Too many people out there naively think that art is simply decoration, something to hang on the walls… in reality, it is so much more. It’s your shampoo bottle, the way you cook your food, the clothes you wear, and the car you drive to work. Art is omnipresent, and simply put, creative ideas collectively are a force that gets things moving and helps drive us into the future, every day.



We are passionate about creative services of all types, at all stages--from concept to final production, and every bit of the process in between.

Specialties and creative services include:






​Book Cover Design


Book Illustration Services

Editorial Illustration

Instructional Illustration

Custom Tattoo Design




Birthday Invitations


Wedding Invitations

Save the Dates

Party Invitations

Holiday Cards

Birthday Cards

Bridal Shower Invitations


Graduation Cards

Thank You Cards

Mothers Day Cards 


Personalized Stationery (Return address labels, letterheads, and more)





​Flyer Design

Direct Mail Design

Email Marketing Design




Logo Creation

Business Card Design


Presentation Design & Custom Pitch Deck Templates


Restaurant Menu Design


Sticker and Label Designs for Product Packaging


Custom T Shirt Design


Wireframing for Website Design








Video Editing Services


Professional Retouching


LinkedIn Headshot Image Editing

Motion Graphics

Basic Animation



Personalized Gifts


Custom Candy Bar Wrappers


Custom Phone Case Design


Custom Wire Rings, Custom Polymer Clay Charms (CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR SISTER PAGE), and Other Jewelry





Why choose Creative Services for your graphics needs?

There are lots of companies out there. So what makes us different from other creative services agencies? Once the artwork is ready for final production, it is handed over to you—that’s right, the client is put into the driver’s seat and ultimately in charge of what happens to it. You ordered it, who are we to tell you what to do with it?


When you have the digital file in your possession, it’s up to you to decide what to print it on, how many copies you want, and when you want them (wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea? No need to wait for us to open for the day)! Many larger creative services firms will use a third party vendor for final printing or production and tack on ridiculous “miscellaneous” numbers to your bill (both to cover the fee they, themselves incurred in the process and to make a bit of a profit beyond what those actual costs were—they figure, no harm because you’ll never even know… luckily we used to work for these types, so we have the inside scoop)!


Another thing is, most other creative services companies won’t send you the raw digital file because they don’t want you to be able to do quite whatever you want with it. They often will impose a bunch of preposterous and frustrating rules to ensure that they either technically still own the work (since they made it, and they want all the freedom that comes with ownership) or that you can eventually have it but pay all sorts of extra fees for each new usage. We don’t try licensing out your own work to you—we acknowledge that once you paid for it, it should be yours (and you still pay just that same “bare bones” sort of price that was agreed upon in the beginning).


All we ask is that you simply allow us to display it on our website because we use this as a portfolio of past work in order to let future clients get an idea of what we can do by viewing some samples. Makes sense, right? We think that’s a pretty fair (and a bit of a renegade) deal!

We have worked with over a dozen different industries.  Our experience spans across the following areas:

                         Arts & Entertainment                          Software & Tech                               Publishing                              Financial                   Religious & Cultural                        Education

Professional Services                Food and Beverage                               Utilities                                Travel & Recreation        Retail & E-Commerce                    Healthcare 

If we had to pick any two people in particular who inspired our chosen area(s) of expertise, they would have to be Walt Disney and John Lasseter.


Although Disney is not alive today, his creative visions still live on and are carried out by a powerful and continuously growing company. It was (and still is) the perfect blend of art and entertainment.


We think a little imagination can go a long way, and if everyone just did the same things and did not branch out, well, life would be pretty stagnant and boring. Innovation is the key to really going somewhere, so we strive to be a bit different.

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